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Our team are experts in Polish interpreting. All our interpreters are qualified, have long-standing experience in the industry and deliver the highest quality service. We offer all types of interpreting between Polish and English in any setting.

Our interpreters have extensive experience and work with fully up-to-date terminology, parlance, processes and procedures in the following settings:

  • Solicitor meetings

  • Court hearings

  • Tribunals

  • Police interviews

  • Hospital/Medical appointments

  • Occupational health appointments

  • Business meetings

  • Disciplinary/HR meetings

  • Training courses/presentations

  • and other official and business settings

On-site Interpreting (Face-to-face Interpreting)

Face-to-face interpreting takes place with an interpreter physically present on-site together with participants. Face-to-face interpreting facilitates immediate communication and understanding between Polish and English speakers.

Remote Interpreting

Telephone Interpreting is interpreting in which participants meet via telephone. The Polish interpreter listens to participants speaking the source language and delivers the interpretation in the required language. Telephone Interpreting is simple to set-up.

Video Interpreting is used in settings where video conferencing facilities are available. Video interpreting has the benefit of facilitating immediate communication with the added convenience of participants being able to see each other and access the meeting from any location using a computer, tablet or a mobile device.

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive Interpreting is the most common form of interpreting and takes place when an interpreter listens while one participant talks, then delivers an interpretation to others where the participant pauses in the conversation. Consecutive interpreting helps to keep the train of thought without distractions, as a more natural way of carrying a conversation.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is where an interpreter delivers an interpretation to others while the participant is talking.

Whispered Interpreting is where the interpreter is positioned close to one participant and simultaneously whispers the interpretation to that participant.

Conference Interpreting takes place when an interpreter sits at a booth, usually at a conference, simultaneously interpreting a speech to the attendees.

Polish conference interpreting is highly specialised – if you require a Polish conference interpreter, contact us and we will point you in the right direction.

Professional service. Very effective communication. Interpreting was executed remotely and without any problems. I strongly recommend the services of Intracontext.

Martyna O

I recommend Intracontext 200%! Really professional!

Justyna Prokop

Our service is designed to reflect the highest quality, and meet our customers' deadlines and specific requirements.

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