Intracontext®, a local Polish language service provider, wins the prestigious Translation Specialists of the Year 2020/21 award.

Media Release 

26 February 2021

Intracontext® has won the prestigious Translation Specialists of the Year 2020/21 award in recognition of their language and communication support services provided to the business community of Northern Ireland. 

The company’s director, Zofia Jackson, who holds a Master of Arts in Translation from Queen’s University Belfast, provided the statement: ‘Our business has excelled. I am delighted and excited that our work at Intracontext is recognised for the value we provide to our local community so soon after our launch. We will continue to deliver quality translation and insight to our local businesses to help them realise their full market potential’. 

Intracontext is fast becoming a lockdown success story. The translation company was launched during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in June 2020, with the mission to help local businesses expand their services to new customers by removing language barriers. Intracontext believes in providing fair pay and positive working conditions to its translators and interpreters. Charity work is also a priority for the company. Free-of-charge language services are provided to charity projects as a way of helping those most in need, yet most unseen in our society.

Intracontext offers language and communication support to law firms and local businesses, specialising in certified Polish legal and business translation. The company has offices in Belfast and is active on social media. A description of their work and current activities can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter @intracontext #intracontext.

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