Zofia Jackson




Zofia is a member of the Chartered Institute of Translators and Interpreters. She translates between Polish and English and specialises in business and law. She works with legal practitioners and supports businesses in overcoming the complexities of their inter- and intralingual communication.

Zofia has studied translation at Queen’s University Belfast and management at Poznan University of Economics and Business. She directs Intracontext drawing on her international experience of delivering Polish translation and interpreting projects.

Highly skilled in delivering complex legal translations, Zofia is recognised as an official sworn Polish translator and entered into the register of sworn translators kept by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Poland. 

Zofia is also an appointed Polish medical interpreter for the Belfast Health and Social Care (HSC) Trust. She delivers services in the community, at hospitals and non-HSC settings, at public meetings, and for learning and development purposes. 

Louise Currie

Office Manager

Louise has extensive experience of delivering administrative support to businesses across a wide range of public and private sectors, including Legal, Banking and Finance, Manufacturing and Health and Social Care.

Qualified in HR, Recruitment and Training, Louise has a proven track record of team management and staff development, consistently leading successful teams in delivering efficiency and meeting targets.

Louise is highly skilled at building and developing productive relationships with customers, contractors and suppliers. She has over 20 years of experience in customer service and customer relationship management.